Self-adhesive labels on rolls are intended for producers and commercial agents of different products. The labels help you present your product to a large audience and also helps inform them about key aspect of your products. Our company produces labels for various companies which come from different fields;

Range of materials

Each of the above-mentioned industries has special requirements in the environment where its products are located. Because of these varying conditions and environments, which our labels are exposed to, we always ask our customers about the conditions that the labels are intended for. This way we acquire the information about needed durability, resistance and time-of-use of the label. Our company namely uses self-adhesive materials, which resist various weather conditions, extreme temperatures, etc. With the help of our customers, we also determine the appropriate material for the labes.

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After adequately choosing he material for the label, we start to prepare the design or prepare to print your labels. Our design department will make sure that the colours are printed exactly as you wanted. This is how we prepare a test-print of your label which is also the foundation for further production and is, of course, free of charge!

Print technology

The pace and demands of customers are growing, as is our wish to satisfy our customers. We offer digital and classical print technology. What are the benefits of each?


Advantages of digital print:

  • Flexibility
  • Speed
  • Lower preparation costs
  • Print of variable data (numbering, QR codes...)
  • Print on different materials (self-adhesive paper, aluminium...)
  • Production of sample labels
  • Unlimited number of label designs on one material and set dimension

Advantages of classical print:

  • Production of greater quantity of labels
  • Pantone colour scale (gold, silver...)
  • Repeatability of prints
  • Price per item in large quantities
  • Accuracy of rastering pictures


Completion is the final stage in label production, where self-adhesive labels on rolls get their final appearance. We know various types of completion which adds additional value to the appearance of self-adhesive labels on rolls. We can only complete self-adhesive labels on rolls with cut-outs, where we get the final shape of the self-adhesive labels on rolls or add a shining foil, bend certain parts of the label outwards, etc.

We offer: