Beverages – wine

Slovenia is one of the best wine regions in Europe. Slovene wine is produced with love, attentiveness and tradition, which in turn results in the highest standards, quality and prices in the world! As we are well aware of this and because we produce extremely high-quality and visually tempting labels, we collaborate with many Slovene wine manufacturers.

The wine industry is very specific when it comes to self-adhesive labels, because the labels are exposed to stronger weather and temperature changes than other products.


A wine bottle can be stored at 20 °C or can be put on ice at a wine festival. This is why the labels require special glue, which guarantees that the label can resist any weather and temperature change.

When making wine labels, we use self-adhesive material produced in Germany, which is recognised as one of the best material manufacturers in the world.

The choice of material is virtually limitless. You can choose simple smooth self-adhesive paper or structured self-adhesive paper, etc. Besides these various materials, we can also offer a wide spectrum of completion techniques for your labels: