Choice of material

Our company offers a wide range of high-quality materials, which give the labels on rolls high durability and pleasant visual appearance. In principle, we distinguish between paper materials and synthetic materials.

Coated, uncoated, metalized and thermo-sensitive self-adhesive papers all count as paper materials. Amongst these we can also offer different types of glue, which will provide more durability for various weather and temperature conditions.

Synthetic materials are mostly used in the chemistry and pharmaceutical industries, where the label could be exposed to different liquids and due to its synthetic nature, the label does not absorb these liquids. PP – polypropylene material is less synthetic and elastic than PE – polyethylene. PP is mostly used for self-adhesive labels on plastic packaging, whereas PE is mostly used on packaging where shrinkage and changes in shape are possible. We offer normal white PP and PE, as well as metalized PP and PE, where we get a metallic effect on the self-adhesive labels.


Glue also plays an important role in self-adhesive materials. We have several types of glue, which guarantee higher durability of labels, when they are exposed to weather and temperature changes. That is why types of glue include permanent, extra permanent, washable, easy-removal and cover glue.


  • A wide range of high-quality self-adhesive materials with various certificates of use
  • Paper or synthetic materials
  • Paper materials: coated, uncoated, metalized and thermo-sensitive
  • Synthetic materials: PP, PE
  • Wide range of various types of glue for paper and synthetic materials