About us

V.P.C. d.o.o. is a family business that was founded in 1992. Our traditional business has helped us acquire priceless experience in the field of print and flexible packaging. We are a family business with values that were the foundation of our company and have also represented us as serious, reliable and flexible suppliers on the market. Because of market changes and trends, we later specialized in the production of self-adhesive labels on rolls and sheets.


The vision of our family company V.P.C d.o.o. is simple; to follow market trends and developments in the field of self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging, thereby offering our customers the newest, most innovative products with excellent quality at competitive prices.

Through constant development, we wish to become one of the leading manufacturers of self-adhesive labels in Slovenia and other countries.




Flexibility, reliability and quality are the values, which form the basis of our business. The mission of our company is based on the long-term happiness of our customers. We believe that with our great support staff, personalized approach and the most modern technologies in addition to competitive prices, we are able to fulfil the expectations and wishes of any and all customers.



As a family business with 26 years of tradition, values mean a lot to us, especially when it comes to doing business and other activities of our company. Values accompany us throughout every process in the company and form the foundations of the company itself. With our integrity, reliability and honesty, we have been able to build up long-term business relations with many different companies. If a family business is successful, then values are also responsible for this success. With the assistance of a great educational team the company functions as an excellent working environment, where possible problems are solved quickly and efficiently. With sincerity and high spirits in our interpersonal interactions, our company is building a successful long-term team.