Classical, offset print technique

Classical print technology represents a standard in the production of self-adhesive labels. It is suitable for companies that launch large quantities of their products onto the market.

Before we start printing labels with classical print technology, we have to first make the so-called stereotype. The stereotype is an aluminium surface covered with polymers. Through the use of light, these polymers are shaped into a relief impression, which carries the desired colour to the self-adhesive material. Each individual colour on the label requires a stereotype of its own. This is the starting cost or print preparation. After the preparation we begin with the printing of the labels and see to it that each colour is constant from start to finish and that the process is standardised for the whole order. We use a high-resolution camera that constantly supervises the colouring and guarantees that there are no colour fluctuations. Regardless of preparation cost, the price of labels is extremely competitive with large quantities and represents a remarkably small cost of packaging.


Advantages of classical print technology

  • Production of large numbers of labels
  • Pantone colour scale
  • Repeatability of print
  • Price per label for larger quantities
  • Possibility of silver and gold colours on pantone scale
  • Possibility of exact rastering