Digital print technology

Digital print technology is the technology that follows current market trends. The pace and demands of our customers are rising. In the hopes of meeting these demands, our company, V.P.C. d.o.o., has invested into the newest digital printer for self-adhesive labels Xeikon.

With the help of digital print technology, we have raised the flexibility of our company to a higher level. The advantages of digital print of self-adhesive labels are especially noticeable with companies that have a large variety of product with lower production quantities. With the help of the newest technology, we can combine the quantities of your orders, e.g.:

Your company offers 20 different products and orders 20 different label designs of 1000 labels – our company offers a price similar to an order of 20 000 labels for a single product, provided the labels are the same size and material.


Advantages of digital technology:

  • Flexibility
  • Speed
  • Low expenses for print preparation
  • Printing of variable data (numbering, QR codes,...) possible
  • Possibility of printing on various materials; self-adhesive paper, PE and PP foil, aluminium, etc.
  • Manufacturing of sample labels
  • Possibility of unlimited number of designs of the same size and material